Serving Tulsa Since 1935

Tulsa Beef & Provision Inc. started in 1935 as a small grocery store at St. Louis & 7th Street under the dedicated direction of Jack Schlanger and Abe Fedman. Their principal focus was to provide a quality product to the consumer at an affordable price. After a few years, the business was consolidated from a retail grocery store to a wholesale meat supply and moved to the current location a block east on 7th Street in the Pearl District.

The new focus of the business became to supply a larger customer base through restaurants, retail grocery stores and walk-in wholesale customers who demanded only the highest quality cuts of beef at affordable pricing. Tulsa Beef bought whole sides of beef from outside quality farms and broke them down into primal cuts and ground the trim until the late 1980’s.

In 1987 Tulsa beef was sold by Jack Schlanger to a dedicated group of employees whose intent was to refocus a quality family oriented business in an ever changing provisional market. At this time, Tulsa Beef stopped processing carcass cattle and focused on boxed beef as well as a multitude of new provisions. These included all types of fish, chicken, pork, beef, condiments, bulk frozen vegetables and more.

After 78 years of quality customer service, Tulsa Beef today, is the number one choice for fine restaurants and other wholesale clientele in the ever expanding metro markets in and around the city of Tulsa, OK. You will find many Tulsa Beef & Provision refrigerated trucks somewhere in the Tulsa metro area daily, all under the direction of a dedicated quality sales and management team.

We look forward to serving you at Tulsa Beef and Provision Inc.